High Capacity Coaching Streams

We are raising up campus leaders, pastors, church planters, worship pastors, creatives, tech staff, children’s leaders and youth pastors to join us in planting Revive Church campuses across the region, UK and the world. Our coaching streams are for members of Revive Church and anyone who wants to join us for a season of training:

CAMPUS/CHURCH LEADER COACHING: Raising leadership teams to lead our campuses and plant new ones.

CHILDREN'S MINISTRY LEADERS: Develop in vision and skills as a Children’s ministry leader.

YOUTH LEADERS: Coaching for youth leaders, youth pastors and youth ministries.

PIONEER CHURCH PLANTING: Growing in new church leadership, church planting, evangelism and local mission.

LIFE & LEADERSHIP COACHING: Discover your strengths and develop as a person through one to one coaching.

COMING SOON: Worship leader coaching, key city/industry influencers, tech & production team coaching, media coaching and more!


WHO CAN APPLY?  Revive Church members or those moving to Hull and Revive Church to join the vision and team.

WHEN DOES IT HAPPEN? Application can be any time throughout the year. Coaching lasts for one year from agreed commencement, but can be renewable or adjustable each year.

WHAT DOES IT COST? High Capacity Coaching is free, including books, trips and profile, though some training materials may need to be paid for.

WHAT HAPPENS AND HOW? Most coaching streams involve 7 main aspects:

  1. Placement and responsibility on a Revive leadership team
  2. 3 High Capacity Coaching Days a year (Saturdays)
  3. Several books to read each year.
  4. An annual trip to an conference outside of Revive, plus free entry to Revive's Leadership Summit
  5. One on one/one on group coaching from the stream leaders
  6. Developing a personal strengths profile.
  7. The role is reviewed and adjusted annually.

Here's How It Works

– Apply for a stream you’re interested in by emailing below.

– We chat to you, get to know you, pray about it.

– Once through the application process, we will set you in a relevant leadership team in Revive Church, growing in responsibility and experience.

– We will coach you, invest in you, give you great resources and materials to study, and set you in a learning group.

– You can enter the coaching streams alongside existing employment, or alongside our FULL-TIME INTENSIVE course.

– After one year of coaching and experience, we will prayerfully work together with you to see where you want to be developing – perhaps into a brand new campus in the UK or abroad – perhaps into an existing team God has laid on your heart – perhaps some other new adventure. It's up to you, and we're here to help and encourage!

Enquire now by email if you’re interested in joining a coaching stream:

Coaching days are a great learning part of the Revive Academy coaching streams