Short Courses

Our desire is to equip thousands of people to influence the world, inspire revival, plant incredible churches and campuses and live great lives.

We know many people live busy lives, cannot always give up a career, and yet want to grow in skills and gifts. Our evening and day courses are built for real people, living real lives!

Our courses vary vastly in subject matter, location and style. Throughout each year there are courses on subjects like Pastoral Care, Communication and Preaching, Media and Production, Worship Leading, Prayer, Church Planting and Pioneering, Leadership, Stage Design, Prophetic Ministry and much more.

Our current courses are listed opposite/below: Simply get in touch to find out more and apply.

The Team

Out tutors and coaches are all experienced practitioners in various ministries and leadership roles across Revive Church and various industries, with some guests.

They include: Jarrod Cooper (Senior Leader, Revive Church), Chris Fleetcroft (Associate Minster, Revive Church), Stewart and Sandra McKinlay, Andrew Murray (Generation Builders), Jonathan & Lamia Whitehouse (Campus Leaders), David and Marion Cooper (retired Church leaders and missionaries) and James Seager (Revive Church Pastor and School of Discipleship and Ministry Coordinator). There are also many guest tutors, speakers and coaches.

Current Courses

Courses are currently being organised for spring/summer 2017. Check back soon!








Don't forget you can do our online courses anytime, from anywhere! Find out more here.