When Spirit & Word Collide: Prophetic leadership in the 21st century

Jarrod’s flagship course on prophetic leadership in for a 21st century church setting.

Songwriting: A Worship Writers Guide

Outstanding songwriting workshops from one of the worlds best tutors.

The God Artist: The Quest for Supernatural Creative Influence

Roma Waterman, founder of the Melbourne City Gospel Choir, and friend of Revive, brings her core teachings for creatives and worship ministries.

God Vibrations: The scientific & supernatural Impact of Sound

Dan McCollam, co-founder of the Bethel, Redding School of the Prophets, bringing science and theology together for this facsinating course for creatives.

Plus loads of teaching from our leaders summits, creative summits, prophetic events, Jarrod’s “Stronger course” and “Moving in Healings, Miracles & Prophecy” and much more!

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